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"The Economist" пишет о Д.Трампе

Несколько картинок о Д.Трампе и статья на эту тему из "The Economist"

The Economist’s covers: Tracking Trump
The rise of Donald Trump, presidential candidate

May 6th 2016
WHEN Donald Trump first announced that he was running for president back in June 2015, he was dismissed as a joke. By the time we first featured him on the cover of The Economist three months later, though we took a rather playful approach to the visuals, it was already becoming clear Mr Trump was being taken seriously by a large proportion of primary voters. And as we warned readers ”it would be a terrible thing if Mr Trump became the nominee for the party of Lincoln and Reagan”, we too recognised his rapidly increasing significance to the primary race.

Even still, it would have taken quite a stretch of the imagination at that point—with Bush, Carson, Rubio, Cruz and Kasich all still in the running—to have foreseen Mr Trump as the Republican nominee to go the full distance. But eight months and five Trump covers hence, this is exactly where the party finds itself. A triumphant Mr Trump atop a disgruntled-looking Republican elephant (the GOP old-guard haven't exactly taken this candidate to heart) adorns cover six. Predictions rejecting Mr Trump’s chances of getting this far were way off-target. It would be unwise to attempt a guess at how many more Trump covers might be to come.


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