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Карта основных экспортных товаров стран мира

Думал, что основной экспортные товары из Беларуси  - продукты нефтепереработки и продовольствие, а оказалось, что машины и оборудование. Так, по крайней мере, на карте.
Для увеличения щелкните по карте.

"Cars from Canada, oil from Russia and computers from Ireland: these are just some of the biggest exports from countries around the world.
Bank of America Merrill Lynch has put out a map that shows the biggest exports around the world. Some are obvious, like coffee from Guatemala or electronic goods from China.
But would have guessed that India's biggest export is precious stones, or that Afghanistan's biggest export is opium?
The map also reveals which countries suffer when there is a drop in the price of certain exports.
For example, the fall in oil revenues has wreaked havoc in countries coloured navy blue, where the dominant export it oil.

Saudi Arabia is seeking $6-8 billion in loans from international lenders and cutting public spendings and local subsidies to try and close the $100 billion deficit that opened up in its finances in 2015.
The 300 largest global oil and gas companies have witnessed their stock market value falling $2.3 trillion, or 39 per cent, since the oil price began to slide in the summer of 2014.
But transport sector companies and car markers, marked in a paler blue on the map, may benefit from falling oil prices as petrol gets cheaper and people decide to invest in cars".

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