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Малоизвестные исторические фотографии

The Kalinin K-7 was a heavy experimental aircraft designed and tested in the Soviet Union in the early 1930s. It was of unusual configuration with twin booms and large underwing pods housing fixed landing gear and machine gun turrets

Control room of the UB-110 German submarine, 1918


Hitler looking at the Gustav Railway gun (1942)


Reichserntedankfest rally (Thanksgiving Celebration of the Reich), 1934
This is the Reichserntedankfest of 1934 in Buckeberg. That year, 700,000 people participated.


Headquarters of Benito Mussolini and the Italian Fascist Party (1934)


Children without access to water learn to swim in a schoolyard. 1920s
A woman hides her face in shame as she puts her kids up for sale during the depression.


Beer being dumped after prohibition started.


The night they ended Prohibition, December 5th 1933

The Face of Crazy. The severe effects of shellshock, what we now know as PTSD, on a WWI soldier.

A lone man refusing to do the Nazi salute, 1936
A lone man refusing to do the Nazi salute, 1936
German soldiers of war execute a communist in Munich, 1919 (постановка?)


Soldiers use gas masks to stop them crying while peeling onions. [1941]


Не только украинские военные падают в обморок:
A foot guard passes out as Queen Elizabeth II rides past during a parade. [1970]

The Burning Monk – 1963

The burning monk, 1963 (6)

JFK and LBJ during the Cuban Missle Crisis (1962) – The US was within hours of World War III


A happy chimp holding a newspaper after surviving his trip to space.


The remains of the astronaut Vladimir Komarov, a man who fell from space, 1967.

“The Falling Man.” – NYC 2001

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